Our focus is in designing, constructing, and operating wastewater treatment systems. We design the appropriate treatment system which ensures the required wastewater treatment parameters based on the results of our laboratory tests. Our designs are founded from actual influent characteristics aimed towards meeting needed client-defined standards for discharge or reuse. We have experience in building and operating pilot plant systems that have given us process knowledge, and a better understanding of various production equipment effectiveness to match against specific customer requirements. Part of our service is to provide the design of wastewater treatment equipment, detailed estimates and the complete installation and operational plan for the appropriate treatment system.

Today, our treatment systems are used by companies in various industries., many of which are leaders in their own field. We have enabled these companies to meet government standards as well as prepare for the more stringent quality requirements expected in the future. Some have even progressed to take the bold step to reuse their wastewater.

Industries services have included the following:

  • Food and restaurant (Quick-Service and Sit-down)
  • Automotive (Distribution and Repair/Restoration Facilities)
  • Real Estate (Commerical Mixed-Use and High-Rise Condominiums)
  • Hospital (Medical waste and domestic reuse system)
  • Schools