Results for our future

From a start in geotechnical services 50 years ago, followed by an expansion into water and wastewater projects 35 years later, Technotest continues to be focused on delivering reliable solutions to problems that relate to soil conditions, water quality treatment improvements, and wastewater treatment and recycling.

One thing remains steady in our journey..the belief in the human spirit. The success and longevity of these past years stands as a testament to our people’s abilities and commitment to deliver results amidst growing environmental challenges. We are determined to continually deliver environmental-compliant, cost-effective, and long-term sustainable solutions for your needs. Satisfied customers have reaped the benefits from our work.

“… with Technotest as our partner-provider, we have been able to manage the daily pressures of our water supply despite our growing demand. They have always ensured to deliver water quality that consistently meet or exceed standards.”

Client #85 (2018)

…some institutions have exceeded their own expectations with our help.

“Working with Technotest has allowed our school to be ahead of the sustainability curve. We are not just wise in our use of water, we are creative in how we utilize wastewater for our requirements.”

Client #5 (2006)

We invite you to get to know more of what we can offer. Get in touch with us to explore how we can help you work smartly with the earth and with the water that sustains us.

Our solutions not only deliver the results you need today but also help ensure a future for the next generation.